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Betting Exchange in Europe

Betting Exchange Network works daily to spread the culture of the betting exchange in the world

The Betting Exchange Network in recent years is contributing significantly to expand the culture of this new business model in Europe, trying to help solving the critical issues of the past.
The Betting Exchange in Europe born in 2000 when Betfair launched his platform of Betting Exchange. In the first 10 years of life of new system of betting, that aside the bookmaker, the European citizens could almost all open an account of Betting Exchange and operating with the various available bases, first between Betfair and Betdaq. Considered the enormous success of the Betting Exchange and the business lost by the bookmaker and therefore the missed income of various Eurpean State as government taxes; different European Nations beginning from 2010 have stopped the access from their citizens to the accounts of game and launched a normative more urgent than has forced the 2 big Betting Exchange leader's to stop new openings of accounts and subsequently the closing of the activities for all the residents of some Nations. 

After the closing in some important European Nations, the leader of Betting Exchange has seen decreasing the present global liquidity in the Betting Exchange network , and for this reason has owed rimodulare the offer increasing his sportsbook and launching some innovative products, as the cash out Betfair. The principal competitor, and the second player of Betting Exchange in the world, have more or less the same limitations and have undertaken the closing of the accounts in the same Countries. 
 The resident citizens in those European Nations where is not possible to open an account of Betting Exchange with the 2 players, the people can open the account with
 competitors that don't stop for the time the accounts as Smarkets, WBX and Matchbook. Following the List of the European Nations in which it is not possible on Betfair to today the direct opening of an Austria, Belgium, Cyprus, France, Germany, Greece. In Italy, from April 2014. it is operational officialy the Betfair Exchange (not connected to the international liquidity) way and the same thing it will happen for the betting exchange in Spain during the 2015.

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